Aviation Fuel Prices & Weather

The Olds/Didsbury Airport and the Sundre Airport each feature 24-hour self-serve fueling options.

Aviation fuel prices are currently as follows:

Olds/Didsbury Airport Aviation Fuel Prices:

Jet A:$1.72/L

Sundre Airport Aviation Fuel Prices:

Jet A:$1.67/L

Flight Planning - Weather and Forecasts

For current weather forecasts and observations, please click HERE.

Airport Management and Maintenance Contacts

KS2 Management Ltd. and Mountain View County work collaboratively on the Management, Maintenance and Development of the Airports. 

KS2 Management Ltd Contact (Management/Maintenance)

Kent Milley, KS2 Management Ltd., Director

Phone: (403) 829-8105

Email: kent.milley@outlook.com

Email: ks2management@outlook.com

Airport Maintenance Contact: 825-994-4815