Aviation Advisory Committee

The Aviation Advisory Committee is a Council appointed committee consisting of elected officials and representation from the local aviation community that utilizes the Sundre Airport and/or Olds/Didsbury Airport. This Committee has been tasked with the following:

  1. Review of long-range infrastructure plans associated to the airport and subsequent recommendation to Council on future capital priorities relative to County airports.
  2. Review of concerns and feedback received from County Airports relative to infrastructure or approved service levels to determine trends and recommendation of remedial actions for County consideration.
  3. Support of the Economic Development and Marketing Officer in the accomplishment of the County’s Economic Development Strategy and Airport Development Plans where requested.

The full Terms of Reference for the Aviation Advisory Committee can be found here. 

The current membership of the Aviation Advisory Committee is:

Angela Aalbers, Reeve and Division 5 Councillor

Alan Miller, Division 3 Councillor

Glen (Bruno) Bradley, Chair - Member at Large

Jim Smith, Vice Chair - Member at Large

Don Bell - Member at Large

Mike Kennedy - Member at Large

Neran Persaud - Member at Large

Thomas Thomas - Member at Large

Aviation Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

March 15th 2023 (unadopted)

December 12th 2022

October 24th 2022

May 19th 2022

Airport Communications

Olds/Didsbury Airport March 2023 Update

Sundre Airport March 2023 Update